Jul 15, 2013

NEWS! (of the great persuasion)

I've been sitting on a bundle of good news for a quite a few weeks now, and today I finally got permission to spill it all.

So. Here's the spilling.

If you're a regular reader of the blog you've probably heard me talk about Cutthroat Novel once or twice. The project I started writing in October 2011 (there's even video proof: Cheating on my WIP). It was such a different story, so unlike anything I've ever seen on bookshelves, that I wasn't really sure if writing it would pay off. But, the world and the characters and their story took my heart and never really gave it back. I believed in the story so much that I even left my former agent (who didn't think she could sell it) and found new representation.

Tracey Adams at Adams Literary believed in Cutthroat Novel just as much as I did, and we sent it out into the world. With fluttering wings, hopes and hearts.

And guess what? It landed.

Alvina Ling at Little, Brown (both the editor and the company are people I've been wanting to work with for a long time!) bought THE WALLED CITY, which they're going to publish in Fall 2014. (Which means I have two books out next year!! *nervous gulp*)

But wait! That's not all! Little, Brown also bought my next two-book series! (Which I am SUPER stoked about.) And THE WALLED CITY has already been picked up by the UK with Orion Children's Books/Indigo.

Phew. That was a lot of spilling. 

You guys, I am so SO happy that I get to share THE WALLED CITY with you. It is without a doubt the book of my heart. And I'm so glad the world will get to see it!

You can read the official write up of the deal here!

You can read the official write of the UK version of the deal here! (<--I talk a little more about the project in this version. Plus my UK editor has some very nice things to say about the book!)

PS: If you're on Goodreads, you can add it here!

Jul 10, 2013

the wonder of ARCs

So. This happened today.

At around 6:00 I got an email from my agent telling me she'd just gotten two ARCs of ALL THAT GLOWS in the mail. So naturally, I spent the next few hours glued to the window, watching for the great brown bearer of packages that is known as the UPS truck.

When it finally pulled up, I was ready. The following scene occurred.

Me: *bursts out of the front door, arms flailing*

UPS man: *stops at the gate, uncertain*


UPS man: Um. No. No, I don't.


UPS man: This is for Ryan. *

Me: I'm Ryan.

UPS man: No you're not!

(At this point I was getting fairly nervous, because there was still a chain link fence between us, and, seeing as I acquired a leash-burn injury on my daily jog, I was confident he could outrun me. Even with a box of 15 paperback books in his hand.)

Me: No. Really. I am.

He didn't back away from the gate quickly enough, so I succeeded in acquiring the box. And giving him a signature. That quite clearly said RYAN.

I took the box inside, opened it, and THIS is what I found:




A lovely note from my editor.


Aren't they gorgeous?! It feels so surreal to actually HAVE A PHYSICAL THING that embodies these last 3.5 years of work (I started writing the rough draft in March 2010). It really makes all those early morning writing sessions, rejection letters and months and months of waiting worth it!

Me & Emrys being besties.

And the inside. Oh you guys. The inside is pretty.

Even the chapter headings are pretty. Magical curly wisps abound!!

So yes. I'm happy to finally be hanging out with a real paperbound Emrys! Woot!

Do you want to hang out with her too?

They're still giving away an ARC at YA Books Central, though you'll have to hurry, since I believe the contest ends in 8 days!!

*This is not the first time in my life that people have refused to believe that my name is actually my name. Because, clearly, I am not a boy.

Jul 8, 2013

wolf-dog sings the song of his people.

I have done a wolf-pup post in a while. Actually, in the span between, he's graduated to wolf-dog (I suppose that's necessary once your beastie reaches 100 lbs. He's not so wee anymore). In fact, he's so tall he can put his head on my desk and breath all over my computer without any additional help.