Feb 28, 2014

THE WALLED CITY has a cover!

And you can see it in all of its glory here.

You guys I FINALLY get to show you the cover of THE WALLED CITY. And it's the most gorgeous thing ever! It was designed by Mark Swan at http://kid-ethic.com/ under the creative guidance of the Little Brown team. I'm so in love!!

But, I'll let you go to the post and see for yourself! Also there's an ARC up for grabs!

Feb 19, 2014

my launch party! (+some china pictures)

ALL THAT GLOWS has been out in the world for a week now, and what a good week it's been! There were blog tours and a Twitter party and, of course, a real live and in-person launch party! This past Saturday was the night I've spent the past 30 months looking forward to (okay--let's be honest, I've really been looking forward to this my entire life).

Blue Bicycle Books on 420 King Street was gracious enough to host the launch. They allowed me to take over their counter space with hot tea, cookies and glowsticks:

The tea was custom blended for ATG. It's rooibos with vanilla and strawberry! Delicious!
The cookies were made by my mom! Just as delicious!
They allowed me to take over their back room with a photobooth and faery wing props:
Husband and I

My brother loves me very much.

So do my parents.

Husband. Bestie. Brother.

While my friends were playing around in the photo booth (excellent blackmail material, bwahaha!) I was signing books!

And people were signing my "guest"book:

It was such a fun, thriving evening. I'm fortunate to have a really huge community of friends both old and new. I've spend 26 out of my 27 years living in Charleston, so people from all walks of life came out. Friends I've known since before I could walk. High school teachers and class mates. College professors and roommates. Family and friends who feel like it. Even strangers!

And in the evening I caught sight of the wonderful window display!

I signed a lot of stock at Blue Bicycle Books, so if you want a signed copy of ALL THAT GLOWS you can stop in or order one via their website.


In the meantime, I spent an entire month in China, filming promotional material for THE WALLED CITY and visiting some dear friends who live by Hong Kong. Husband and I were fortunate to travel around the country a good deal, which helped me deal with some of the jitters of the impending release week!

Harbin. Where they make a city entirely of ice. And it's -30F.

The Great Wall has been on my bucket list for a while. Struck it off beautifully!

Rice terraces of Pingan.



The five colored pond at Jiuzhaigou.

Hong Kong in the evening is one of the most gorgeous sights there is.

And this is me freaking out over a model version of the Kowloon Walled City.

I'll be posting more about THE WALLED CITY as the release date draws closer (it's November 4th - 9 months away!), but visiting the site of the park where it once stood was just amazing. Just amazing.

I am so, so thankful.