Nov 4, 2014

THE WALLED CITY's release day!

The day has finally come: THE WALLED CITY is out in the world!!!!

The emotional journey to this book has been, well, pretty much a roller coaster. I started writing it in October 2011. It was the book that pushed me into new depths as a writer. It is the book of my heart. (If you want to know why, go to Nova Ren Suma's blog. I explain all.)

My parents surprised me with this amazing print of THE WALLED CITY's original cover.

I then went to Barnes and Noble to get my first proper glimpse of THE WALLED CITY in the wild.

There were a lot of glimpses!! It was all over the store!!

I signed a lot of stock.

It even has ITS OWN STAND. (Am I dreaming? What is this? WHAT IS THIS???)


If you want to get it online, Barnes and Noble has great deals on it.  My local indie, Blue Bicycle Books, is also selling signed copies.

To those of you who have been reading this blog since THE WALLED CITY was a wee "Cutthroat Novel," thanks for sharing the journey with me.