Jun 21, 2014

ALA schedule!

I have a signing for THE WALLED CITY on the horizon!! If you're going to be at ALA next week, then you can swing by the Little Brown booth on Saturday morning and say hi! It will be my first time in Vegas so I'll probably be a bit dazzled by all the neon lights and money.

Bring it on! (Anyone have any MUST DO things in Las Vegas? Let me know!)

Saturday June 28th
9-10 AM
LBYR Booth #422

Jun 4, 2014

it never gets old...

Coming home to find a box on your porch and opening said box to find your ARCs!!!! I got galleys of ALL THAT BURNS yesterday.

This book was hard to write. I mean--every book is hard to write--but this one had the extra challenge of being my first sequel. I stressed and sweated and cried over this book, and so it's really wonderful to finally see it in true novel form! It's crazy to think I started with nothing almost 2 years ago and now I have a book!!!

The cover is still a secret, so I had to take pictures that wouldn't compromise the reveal that will take place on June 26th.

ALL THAT BURNS - coming to a bookstore near you February 10th, 2015!!

The arrival of a third book of course necessitates a new "all the books I've written" photo! Look at ALL THAT BURNS sandwiched between its two loving literary siblings!!

And to think, this time last year I hadn't even gotten ARCs of ALL THAT GLOWS yet! It's crazy that I now have three book sized things I can call mine. My lovelies. *hugs them all*

Okay, off to work on more future lovelies!

Jun 3, 2014


It's time for my BEA wrap-up post! It was a whirlwind 50 hours of New York, books, cocktail parties and the Javits Center!

My BEA started early. 4:15 AM on Thursday morning early. I woke up to catch the early flight from Charleston to NYC, and I was so pumped up on adrenaline and excitement that I hardly even needed coffee (and that's really saying something).

NYC - Here I come!!

I got into New York and went straight to the Javits, where I met my amazingly wonderful fabulous editor Alvina Ling in person for the first time ever!!! I've been a fan of her list for a long time, and she was one of my dream editors before I managed to snag her. (I still can't believe I did!!)

Me with my fabulous editor Alvina Ling!
Alvina got to give a talk about THE WALLED CITY in front of a room full of people at the YA Editors' Buzz Panel. TWC was one of five books selected, which was quite a big honor!! You can listen to all the nice things she has to say here:

The day was full of people! Secret meetings, cocktail parties, a blogger party. People, people, people! I met authors I'd admired for a long time (Lemony Snicket!). I met bloggers who inspired me with their enthusiasm for TWC! I talked until I couldn't anymore due to sheer exhaustion. (I went to bed at 12:00 that night. Long, long day on only 5 hours of sleep!!!)

After a well rested night I woke up to the best breakfast EVAH:

I ate cookies for breakfast. Because I'm an adult.
After ingesting my morning sugar high I made my way over to the Javits and the author's stage, where I had to give a talk about THE WALLED CITY. I didn't think I was nervous, but apparently I was. I was a little more stuttery and high-strung in my talk than I would have liked, but people told me it went well, so I'll choose to believe them!

The other authors were all wonderful and poised, and their books all sound incredibly unique~

I gave a speech at the YA Author's Buzz Panel. 

 After buzzing a bit, it was time to sign! To my very big relief, people actually showed up in my line! And they were excited. It was so amazing to meet readers who lit up at the mention of my book. AND it was really, really cool to see the diversity of people in my line!

Signing ARCs.

My signing line.
After signing I had time to run around and explore the wonderful mess that is Javits. I snagged a whole bunch of lovely ARCs that I'd been coveting (SINNER! THE DARKEST PART OF THE FOREST! THE MAP TO EVERYWHERE!) and peeked around other publisher's booths!

Holly Black, me, editor Alvina

I also found some pretty cool ads for TWC:

The snazzy ad in the PW Daily.

That night I got invited to an early screening of The Fault in our Stars in Times Square. The theatre was very grand and austere. They handed out tissues to everyone at the screening. These were much needed. I think I ugly cried through about half of the movie. It was very raw and cathartic and so, so good. At the end John Green and the director and the president of Fox, as well as a few others involved in the movie (including the actor who portrays Isaac) got up and talked about the process of guiding the story from book to movie. It was incredibly fascinating to hear all of the thought and heart behind it.

Prescreening of The Fault in our Stars.

They handed out much needed tissues!
John Green and the director discuss TFioS movie making process.

The only slightly touristy thing I did was walk through Times Square at the end of the night! It was hectic and neon and a good taste of tourist New York.

My one touristy photo at Times Square!

That was about it for my trip to NY! Quick and packed and wonderful!