Dec 22, 2010

pressing on.

Last week was, well, hard.
On Monday I got an email from an agent who had my full manuscript. She said that there had been a reader in her agency who loved it and that she was going through it herself. She complimented me on my manuscript's voice and asked me if it was still available. At this point I squealed. Agents are hard to come by, but they're pretty necessary if you want to publish your work with any significant publishing houses.
Come Saturday I receive the rejection.
Somewhere deep down, I guess I was bracing myself for it. I knew it was coming, but I'd hoped against all hope that it wasn't.
She said that she loved the voice and the story. There were three specific points that kept her from falling head over heels in love with the project as a whole though. If I decided to revise the story, she said, she would be willing to read the manuscript again.

At least I've gotten some feedback. Right now I'm writing a new rough draft of a different novel... but I'm going to take some time off around Christmas and look at the revision suggestions. Especially before I send out any more queries.

Nothing worth having is easy. That's what you have to tell yourself I guess.

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