Nov 29, 2011

two things on a tuesday

1. November is almost over, as many of you Nano writers know. I always feel incredibly underachieving when I look at the stats of writers who are actually participating in the 50,000 words in a month blitz. With tweets like, "I just wrote 4000 words today" and "I'm 30,000 words in just ten days after I started," what non-Nano-er wouldn't feel lazy? Truth be told, I have no idea how these wordcounts come into being. For me, a really good writing afternoon will produce about 1500 words. And that's a good day. Some days when I'm distracted or wrestling with writer's block I can't even pass 500. Often time I'll make myself feel guilty about this, but then I realize that it's just the nature of things. If my brain doesn't want to write more than two pages. Then it won't.

So, Nano-ers, please explain to me the great mysteries of your several thousand word sprints! What is your pace when you aren't in Nano mode? (Or deadline mode, since I'm sure that's similar to the Nanowrimo adrenaline rush).

As this little blurb just showed, I'm still a word-count ho at heart. (And I think I always will be.)

2. I.... I don't have a second thing. Not today. This makes me a little sad, but I should go write my 1500 words now. Today's a good writing day. I declare it so! *knocks on wood*


  1. I "won" NaNo on day 21 using My biggest problem was pausing in mid-thought, or at the end of a sentence, and then the next thing you know, I'm buying crap I don't need on Amazon, or scoping out some random stranger's wedding pics on facebook. WriteorDie saved me from that. I'm still using it as I write.


  2. Hyperole and a Half is like my life. On steroids. And hyperbolized. :)

    WriteorDie scares me a bit. I've been using MacFreedom to cut off unnecessary internet times. It works for the most part!

  3. Internet and its convenient distractions...

    Like the picture. Hope that'll be featured in the book. :)