Aug 15, 2012

warning. this post could be TMI.

It's been a bit of a weird week, since my "other job" has started up again, therefore about 25 hours of my week is swallowed back into being a responsible adult. Like decorating my classroom with paper owls and learning CPR.  And taking coffee in a to go cup in the mornings.

Crazy, I know.

Anyway, a big thing going on in the writing community this week is WriteOnCon. A bunch of the other Lucky 13s and I have banded together to give advice and more tantalizingly, critiques!!! So if you're a writer, go on over and check it out. Well worth your time in my humble opinion.

This week I got one of my first tastes of the publicity side of being a published author. Which involved having a real life in person interview with a journalist and a photoshoot with a photographer who was not my husband! Crazy! Both things were fun and relatively stress free, aside from the fact that I had a stomach bug the day I had the in-person interview and was a little "out-of-it" the whole day. (This is putting it lightly, as I emptied the contents of my stomach in the parking lot afterwards. To be fair, I warned said journalist and didn't shake her hand. So she should be safe.)

TMI? I thought so.


  1. I saw on twitter you were feeling pretty sick on Monday! Hope you're feeling better now! Also your sense of what TMI should be is wildly conservative, IMHO. ;)

    WOC was CRAY-CRAY. Learned so much, met so many writers, saw so many stalking tweets... Relieved, in a way, that it's over, but I know I'll be bored tomorrow morning. :)

    Fellow coffee-drinking, responsible adult-beings! Cheers!

    1. Haha. I was raised in the south, where it's wildly not okay to talk about other people's vomit. So there's that.

      Cheers right back!