Sep 18, 2012

music post!

For some reason, whenever I'm revising, I start searching for new music. I guess new songs just get me in the mood/distract me enough to sustain my sanity during the grueling reworking process (woof).

Anyway, while I'm waist deep in revisions for Cutthroat Novel, let me share my latest finds with you:

Gangnam Style by PSY - Guys, if you aren't up and dancing by the end of this song, I don't think you heard it right! Husband and I find it doubly catchy since we spent a year in South Korea. (We actually went to church in the Gangnam neighborhood!)

The name of this song is a little weird, (Start Shootin' by Little People), but I really love the atmosphere it encompasses.

Alright! I'm back to the revision cave! *ducks away*

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