Jun 20, 2013

in which i gush about my cover

One of the most exciting things about the publishing process has been getting a cover! Usually, when I start a new project, I'm daydreaming about the cover as well! HarperTeen did such a great job capturing the feel of ALL THAT GLOWS in this beautiful image:

The mist and the elegant script and the stars (THE STARS YOU GUYS! THE STARS!!!! (I love stars)) really give the cover an ethereal feel, which is very much in line with the tone of the novel! It captures the exquisite mystery of the Fae.

And the model? You guys, she's perfect! I was really stunned when I first opened the email. My editor Alyson did SUCH a great job with the casting. She looks exactly the way I imagine Emrys: a gorgeous, fierce and fiery redhead. She still holds the mystique of a Fae too!

Plus it's pretty dang cool to see my name down there. :)

Also, there's an ARC giveaway over at YA Books Central, who so graciously hosted the original cover reveal! Go on over and enter for a special chance to read ALL THAT GLOWS before anyone else. I'll also sign it and personalize it for you too!!

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