Oct 23, 2013

being a tease

Guys, I just saw cover mock-ups for THE WALLED CITY and oh-my-goodness if they're not wicked gorgeous!!!

So far glimpsing covers for the first time has been my absolute favorite part of being an author. I've been super lucky in that department. It's really amazing and surreal to see something from your head expressed in a visual art form. The Walled City is also an incredibly rich, visual novel, so the cover artists had a lot to draw from.

BUT... I can't show you yet. :( Secrets must be kept. Anticipation must be built. All that jazz.

Rest assured, as soon as I can share I'll be plastering it over the rooftops.

I am now just over the halfway point with ALL THAT GLOWS 2 edits. So far it has involved a lot of loud techno music, munching on mallowpumpkins, researching Arthurian legend and trying to find someone who speaks Manx. But the beastie MS keeps growing. Every time I cut words I add about double. Like that monster Hercules had to fight that keeps growing heads.

And, baby-squirrel update, Phil has thrived at his new wolf-hybrid-less house! In his short squirrel life he has traveled to Virginia AND been to church. Needless to say, I'm quite glad I decided to pick him up from the side of the road and give him a fighting chance.


  1. Awwww, yay rescued baby squirrel finding a home! And I'm glad you have an awesome secret cover and plentiful mallowpumpkins to get you through Book 2, since everyone says those are the hardest. (I wouldn't know yet since I'm still hacking my way through my own hydra of a Book 1 draft re-write. Maybe I need more techno and sugar...) Good luck with everything!

  2. Yeah, Book 2s are a special breed of hard! But the finish line is somewhat in sight... somewhat.

    Thanks for the luck! I'm going to stash it away for the tail end of this revision!!!