Apr 16, 2011

the last leg.

With the impending arrival of Palm Sunday, Lent is beginning to wind down. So far I've spent a total of 5.5 weeks without writing. Here are some things I've learned from it.

1. I can't NOT write: While this period of writing abstinence has been good and quite insightful, I know for a fact that I could never voluntarily stop creating stories and characters. They keep popping in my head... Fighting them off and holding them back only create an ache that I want so badly to stop.

2. I must find other creative outlets: I've baked homemade granola, revamped a shirt from the thrift store with my amateur sewing skills, painted a picture with Indian ink and jotted down a few awkward poems (poetry was never my forte). Also, slightly unrelated to that, I bought a bike and started zooming around town on it. On the flipside of this, I've realized that writing takes up a good deal of my time. Not that I mind.

3. Working on my current WIP is the best way to distract myself from pending submissions: I've spent more than a fair amount of time on QueryTracker... poring over the statistics of the agents who have my MS. Sigh. I must get back to LIGHT OF THE SOUTHERN SUN soon or I'm going to become a permanent fixture on that site of obsessive waiting.

4. I will be very happy when Easter comes. (Self-explanatory)

I have had some more bites on GODMOTHER, so hopefully those will evolve into some very good news soon! Another lovely occurrence that happened today is that I won a doodled copy of Ballad from Maggie Stiefvater via a Twitter contest. Awesomeness!

Off to spend my Saturday reading and praying on a rainy porch.

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