Apr 2, 2011


Storytelling. It's in my blood.
I love consuming stories-whether they be in the written word or conveyed through the screen of a television. I love telling stories.
But sometimes, it's easy to get too wrapped up in this cycle of consuming and telling. Which is why I decided to take a break from writing for Lent. 40 days (well, really 46, but who's counting?) without writing.
As of now we're about halfway to Easter, and I'm aching to write. It's almost agonizing, keeping myself from my WIP and any other writing project. Some might call this abstinence from art foolish or detrimental, but I know that this detox will only make my writing (and my life) better in the long run. What good is writing if it's the only thing you do? Life is and should be so much more than that. I shouldn't define myself in my success (or lack thereof) as a writer.
So these 6 weeks are teaching me to rest, to read, to contemplate. My characters will be waiting for me when I return. They will be as griping and demanding as ever. Perhaps they will give me a rough time for abandoning them for so long. But who knows. For now I'm resting, and trusting that my art will be better for it.

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