Jan 14, 2012

it's my birthday and i'll blog if i want too!

Hello all! Greetings from the tiny, unforgiving opening of the edit cave! I've been in here for almost 4 weeks now, getting nice and cozy, shifting words around, becoming poetic and wrestling characters to the floor (metaphorically of course). To be honest, the process has gone a bit more slowly than I first expected. Husband still claims that I'm moving through my notes at a lightening speed, but I don't believe him. Average pace so far?

3-4 hours a day = 10 or so pages of manuscript edited/written through.

At this point I still have around 17 days of work ahead of me. I'm just about at the halfway point. Right now it feels like a juggling act about to fall apart. Have I remembered every theme and subplot and character development point? What the heck happened 3 chapters ago? Dear Lord, it just keeps growing and growing... it doesn't STOP! How long will this be?

Somewhere around 100 pages in I lose perspective. Is this working? Am I making it better or worse? What the **** is going on?!

Fortunately, the wonderful Wendy Higgins (author of SWEET EVIL out May 1st) came to my rescue with a beta read and so assured me that I wasn't going crazy. And my MS is not in shambles. I just have to keep going.

So I will.

Oh, and I turn 25 today. A strange age... halfway between teens and 30s... I feel like I should be way more grown up than I am (or feel at least). Like I should own a house with white carpets and fine china instead of a 100 year-old apartment with mismatched chairs and a tin-camping tea kettle. But then I remember that I would just spill tea on the white carpets anyway (it's true) and I don't feel so bad.

Here's to getting older, but not getting TOO grown up. :)

Ooh. And here's a music recommendation since I haven't made one in a while. This band's cover is awesome and done completely on a single instrument:


  1. Happy Birthday! And good luck with your editing. It sounds like you have a pretty good pace.

  2. Happy birthday dearest! I hope you made time for cake in the cave.

  3. My mom made tollhouse pie (my favorite!) and shrimp and grits. It was delicious.