Jul 20, 2012

excuses and recipes.

Happy Friday, loyal readers! You're probably wondering why I haven't been posting quite as much lately (or not, but I'd like to assume you are).

Well, truth be told, I've been swallowed in the revision cave again (this time for Sekrit Project/Cutthroat Novel!), which means that I don't have much leftover creative energy to dedicate to my blog. Plus there's real life: ie. moving from an apartment to a house. Cleaning.

Every time I sit down and stare at this blank box, that's exactly what my brain looks like too! But not to fear. I'll be finished with revisions next week, and this will hopefully leave me with enough excess creativity to entertain you here!

I did try out two new recipes last week though. Both of which are superb! The first is a recipe from The Pioneer Woman. A southern classic: Chicken and Dumplings. Made with Apple Cider!!! Soooo good!

The second recipe is a bit healthier and so, so delicious. It tastes very Mediterranean. Chicken patties with a mint Greek yogurt sauce. Yum. You can make them by themselves or eat them with pita bread. Delicious either way.

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