Jul 9, 2012

intuition: the difference between flexibility and roadkill

My new writing goal: revamp Cutthroat novel by the end of the summer. I've had all my wonderful betas and critiquers get back to me with feed back, and after compiling all their comments and adding some of my own, I have 463 comments to address while whipping it into "letting my agent see it shape."


I think though, that I'm getting to a better point when it comes to mentally handling critiques and revisions. To create anything worthwhile you have to be flexible, willing to listen to others and willing to change things that need to be fixed.

There is however, a fine line between being flexible and being roadkill. I probably won't take every single suggestion that my betas give me. And I shouldn't, because different people will often have vastly different opinions when it comes to a character or a plot line. It's up to me to figure out which comments will make my piece stronger, etc.

And sometimes that job is hard enough to make my head hurt. I can't always describe how I determine this. Mostly it's a matter of intuition. Of feeling in my core whether or not it's something that will make my story shine true.

Anyway, this is me rambling. Here. Listen to a song by the Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs that I'm currently obsessing over:

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