Oct 1, 2012

taking the plunge

Today I decided to get my hair cut. Not just trimmed, but chop, chop short like I did a year ago. The reason? I am in the morning, very lazy and not-functioning for at least 2 hours, and I prefer a hairstyle that will accommodate an "I-just-rolled-out-of-bed-look."

For me this is the fro. A very short and shaggy hairstyle that compliments my curls and requires absolutely no brushing of any sort. I got one last year and really liked the way my hair looked, and how it took so little effort to make it look that way.

I decided to try a new stylist (I don't go to get my haircut very often at all, so I don't have an established, regular stylist). Which didn't turn out so well. I couldn't figure out how to verbalize exactly what I wanted to her, and while she did cut my hair short, it was not in the style I was envisioning/dreaming of. So instead of sitting in the chair and hoping for the best, I left with a not-so-amazing hairstyle.

It took a few hours in the mirror and a lot of nervous pacing, but I finally decided that if I wanted the haircut I was envisioning, I would have to do it myself. 

The best thing about hair? It grows back! And curly hair is very forgiving when it comes to lengths. And I've already trimmed/cut my own bangs before. So I had all those things going for me.

So I grabbed the scissors and took the plunge.

Because I'm in the middle of revisions, I automatically compared hacking off lengths of my own hair to going into my manuscript and drastically changing things. Just like hair always grows back, you'll (hopefully) have backed up versions of the scenes you're changing, so it won't really be a loss if what you're trying doesn't work.

And sometimes, beautiful, wonderful things come out of taking the plunge. Things you'll never discover unless you hold your breath, pick up those proverbial scissors and take the risk.

For those of you who are curious, here's the new, low-maintenance hairstyle. Yay!


  1. You are so lucky to have such amazing hair! LOVE the cut. Looks great! :)

    1. Aw! Thanks! It wasn't so amazing when I was a preteen and had Hermione frizz. But it all worked out.