Jan 9, 2013

being katniss (a lesson on form)

Yesterday I got to play this lovely little game called archery tag, which involves shooting opponents with large fluffy marshmallow ends. So basically I got to be Katniss for the night. But instead of running around and hiding in trees I got to fire projectiles at my in-laws for three hours.

There was lots of fun and screaming and bruises and blacklights. Along with a fog-machine.

Problem was, I never actually paid attention when my brother-in-law first instructed us how to draw the bow and shoot the arrows. It seemed self-explanatory. Draw back string. Release. Watch your (not-so) deadly weapon hurtle through the air and find it's mark.

We started playing. My arrows flew. Quite a few of them hit their marks. I was feeling pretty good about my potential Hunger Games survival skills. About an hour in we took a water break, which was when I first noticed the blister-like strip of skin on my forefinger. I ignored it.

Bad move.

When we finally finished the night I looked down and realized that the wound had only gotten worse. Not only that, but there were three other spots of raw, throbbing skin. I hadn't felt them during the game, because in the words of Sidney Bristow, "There's no drug like adrenaline." (Can you tell I'm rewatching ALIAS right now?)

But I sure felt them when my brother-in-law led me back to the first aid kit and spritzed hydrogen peroxide on them.

Him: Looks like you were shooting the arrows wrong the entire time.
Me: Ow. Ow. Ow. *hisssssss*

So yeah. Moral of the story. Next time I will pay attention to arrow shooting instructions. And I will not ignore baby blisters.

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