Jan 23, 2013

feathering the winter nest

Greetings my friends. It seems winter has finally made itself at home (at least where I live), which means I've dedicated myself to spending as much time indoors as possible. Hopefully this means I'll have more time to keep nesting, a habit that's fallen awfully short in these past few weeks of vacationing and new-puppy! (Much like blogging. Ack.)

Wolf-pup Raiden has grown tremendously in this past week. Which means spaces he used to fit into (such as his couch/wall tunnel) are now off limits to him. Not to worry though, he's found other places to rest his fluffy head.

And when he's not blocking the path to the toilet, he tries his very best to look wolf-like and regal in our yard. He loves being out in the cold and digging holes with those humongous paws of his.

I wish my manuscripts would grow that fast. (Ha!) I'm still hard at work drafting the sequel to ALL THAT GLOWS. I'm not a particularly speedy writer, especially when it comes to drafting. 1k a day is generally my average. Sometimes it's hard not to get discouraged when it's growing so slowly. Letter by letter, inch by inch. But suddenly you look up and realize you have something resembling a book sitting in front of you. (This happened to me today, and I'm sitting pretty at 60k.)

Speaking of feathering the nest (referring to the first paragraph), I've acquired some pretty new art I want to show off! My very talented father gave me this original pencil coloring for my birthday:

And my brother bought me a print by one of my good friends who sells her stuff on Society6 (which is such an amazing website!). The pic is of a typewriter, which is perfect for writerly things. :)

I also got an iTunes giftcard for my birthday. You guys have any good music recs? I've been listening to a lot of Dark Knight Rises and Ellie Goulding and Florence and the Machine. (Random, I know). 

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  1. Hi Ryan!

    Here is an interesting mix of music to check out:

    All Sons & Daughters (contemporary Christian with a vibe like Mumford and Sons, etc.)
    The Avett Brothers (folk/rock)
    Civil Twilight (not sure how to describe, but check out the song "Letters From the Sky")
    The Wood Brothers (folk/rock)