Mar 4, 2013

the puppy who wouldn't stop growing.

We now interrupt your blogroll for this post of cuteness.

(I know, 2 posts in a day, I might jinx myself).

I was looking over my (scant) recent posts and realized that I haven't posted many pictures of Raiden recently. He's an even bigger, fiercer ball of fluff than he was two weeks ago, when I last posted.

Have a look:

Raiden loves to sit under my chair while I'm writing, but I'm afraid those days are becoming rather numbered.

Here he is, all elbows and knees.

This is actually his brother, who we recently got together with for a puppy playdate. I'm amazed at how different they look. Diesel (his brother) has an almost entirely red overcoat!

Raiden is also good for snuggling and watching Dr. Who with me on the couch. It's a good thing he's so cute and cuddly, because this is what happened when we tried to start seedlings for a garden:

Can't you just see my eye twitching?

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