Mar 28, 2013

doctor. who?

You guys.

I have found a new love.

And its name is Doctor Who.

Seriously though. How long have I been out of the loop? I've been hearing bits and snatches about this British television series for years. (Though none of it really made sense. A flying police box? A Dalek? A sonic screwdriver?) I'll be the first to admit that I learned most of my basic Doctor Who knowledge from Troy and Abed's description of "Inspector Spacetime" in Community.

I'll also admit that I wasn't blown away by the first few episodes. But there are so many awesome Whovians in the YA community, that I decided to keep going. And I'm so glad I did.

Doctor Who is a storyteller's ultimate dream. You can choose any time and any setting. (Though I must say those aliens attack London an awful lot.) You can feature characters of any personality or race. Even the doctor changes personalities at times. Every single episode really does get your imagination going!

And, it's heartbreaking. But in a good, aching way. If that makes sense.

So if you haven't watched it--do. It's on Netflix Instant, so you have no excuse.

My puppy is--well-- not a puppy anymore. At least in body. Raiden is now a 55 lb adolescent. All beast and tooth and claw. His adult coat is coming in, which is wonderfully glossy and smooth. It's pretty cool to see how fast he's growing.

He's so happy after eviscerating his chew toy cow.

The home improvements have been few, but colorful. A new pillow here, a new curtain there. We actually bought our first laundry machine (I feel like such a real adult). It wouldn't fit all the way in our closet space, so we had to yank out the door to make it fit. I feel like the curtain adds a little more pizzaz anyway.

And now it is past my bedtime, so I bid you all a very good night.


  1. My Dad loves Dr. Who but I haven't seen enough episodes to get hooked...maybe I'll give it another try. Love the curtain!

    1. Your dad? That's so awesome. I'd recommend watching through the second season before giving up on it.

  2. My eyes welled up just at seeing the title. I'm SUPER excited to hear you're now a Whovian! Agreed on how it's the storyteller's ultimate dream in terms of setting! I also think it's such a rich atmosphere for character development. Some of the most insightful glimpses of humanity have come from watching how the Doctor learns about people. Heart-wrenching!

    Puppy is ginormous!

    LOVE the turquoise/fuscia (I don't know how to spell that color). You have great taste.

    Hope you're well! *HUGS*

    1. Yeah, I'm pretty much devouring the series. Soundtrack and all!

      I'm glad you love the bright colors! I'm always been a fan of colors, thankfully the husband doesn't put up too much of a fight!