Apr 3, 2013

forays into copyedits.

Last week, over at The Lucky 13s, I blogged about my publishing timeline, or more specifically, the speed of my own personal publishing journey! "Is your book out yet?" is a very common question I get from friends, family and strangers alike. The explainy answer is long and involved, but I tried my best to map out what is happening with ALL THAT GLOWS.

Speaking of, I very recently finished my copy-edits. I wasn't quite sure what to expect out of this stage, but it's actually been one of the easiest.

And the most educational.

Mostly copy-editor just made me very aware of how horrid my punctuation is. (Comma splices everywhere!!!!) But there were a few places where I learned fascinating facts.

Did you know?

-Portobello mushrooms are a rather recent, American phenomenon. So sadly, they cannot be my protagonist's favorite food.

-There were no string quartets in Queen Elizabeth's court. Just lutes. And harpsichords.

-There were also no tailored suits in Queen Elizabeth's court. Just doublets. And ruffs.

I have now learned all of these things. And ALL THAT GLOWS is better for it.

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