Apr 9, 2013

joy in the little things.

It's spring! Finally! For joy!

There's just something about those golden-glow mornings and the scent of flowers on the air that lift my spirits up in a way nothing else does. And shorts. I do love wearing shorts.

In the past few days I've been focusing on the little things that make me smile. There've been a few fun surprises I've faced in the every day.

1. Doctor Who graffiti:

I've probably seen this before (it's in a bathroom at the bar where I go to church), but this is the first time I've appreciated its allusion. (Also, I just noticed the second wolff in the picture). Awesome vandalism. 

2. Unique vintage clothing finds:

 I was in Charlottesville, VA a few weekends ago and happened across a cute little vintage clothing store. I went in and found this skirt in the racks. It's all cross-stitch. As soon as I saw it I knew I couldn't leave it...

3. Puppies who bury things that aren't bones:

Husband went outside the other day and found this in the crater-sized hole Raiden made. Apparently he found a beer bottle our neighbors so graciously threw over our fence and decided to deposit it in his hole. Note how happy he looks about this decision.

4. Cadbury chocolate from England!:

One of my friends just took a trip across the pond and brought back some genuine Cadbury milk chocolate!!! Yum. Cadbury is my most favorite chocolate of all, but it doesn't quite taste the same when you buy it here in the US. And I don't get over to the UK nearly as much as I like, so this is a rare treat! (Also, did you know they have Cadbury vending machines in the Underground stations? It's probably a good thing I don't live over there... I'd live solely on a chocolate and fish and chips diet.)

What little things have you been finding joy in lately?


  1. It made me smile to see a Cadnburys vending machine mentioned like it's unusual. :) Any big building in this country (hospitals, supermarkets, gardening and DIY shops, offices, sports centres etc) usually has both a drinks vending machine and a mixed sweeties and snacks machine which will include Cadburys chocolate.

    We also have some really fun limited edition Dairy Milk flavours just now, Golden Biscuit Crunch and Toffee Popcorn (fingers crossed these links work!)