Apr 29, 2013

sabbatical sunshine

Hello lovelies!

How are we finding ourselves today?

I've recovered from my paintball bruises just in time for shorts weather (which has come late this year I might add). Southern spring is not living up to its reputation this year.

I've just finished up several rounds of revisions and edits for various projects, so I've decided to take a small sabbatical to regain my sanity and refill the creative well (if you will). This means stocking up on lots of books to read, soaking in new music, playing with my wolf-pup, watching lots of Doctor Who, baking things... 

You get the drift.

I've also been trying to go on more little adventures. Like dolphin spotting in the Charleston harbor and reverse-storm chasing in a speedboat while trying to keep my 73 pound dog from leaping into the water after my wake-boarding husband. (Wolf-pup has a bit of separation anxiety if you couldn't tell). I guess it serves us right for working from home and spoiling him rotten.

Reverse storm chasing. 

Imagine this critter. In a boat. Howling.

I'm also getting back into the habit of art. The extent of my visual arts training is basically a 101 drawing class in college. Where I saw lots of old naked guys. And then tried to erase it all from my memory. I think I've pretty much succeeded, though I have a bunch of old charcoal drawings to prove it. (Trust me, I'll spare you the awful, awful pain).

I was weeding in the yard the other day and thinking about all of the things we can't see beneath our feet. The mysterious underground. I then started thinking about roots and how they all weave together under the ground. It must be such a cool sight-- so that inspired me to start working on this piece.

It's not done yet, but I like where it's going. I'll post more pictures once I get it all sorted out!

I've been poking my nose around the online universe to look for fresh music to put on my iPod. I've become very obsessed with the Doctor Who soundtracks (they're very well done and there's SO MUCH OF IT!). 

Like this theme for the 11th Doctor:

And the theme for his home planet Gallifrey!:

It just wrenches the heart out, doesn't it?

Then there are the peppy tunes like Yeasayer's Rome (I'm totally going to base a character off this song one day. Mark my words.):

Lenka's song "You Will Be Mine" is a really good song reminiscent of Ellie Goulding and Florence Welch. P.S. I really want her dress.

And then I was watching Hulu and found this song via a Sprint commercial:

I'm sure it's been around for a while, but it still spoke to my soul like a poem.

What songs have you guys been listening to?

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