Aug 11, 2011

character studies

I've been reading through my latest WIP, a novel I have affectionately nicknamed "zombiemance" (although this name is somewhat misleading, therefore you will only see it in this short blogpost and nowhere else), and I realized something.
My main character isn't like me at all. This is a good thing I suppose, since it means that I'm stretching my creative abilities to new heights. If every character were a mirror of me, then my stories would get rather repetitive and boring.
But this girl. She lies. A lot.
I can't lie worth a ****. Anyone who's close to me knows this. At times it is very inconvenient and awkward.
Character in question is also very manipulative.
I'd like to think I'm not a manipulative person. I don't have it in me.
Or maybe I'm just in denial?

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