Aug 16, 2011

ryan meets the midwest

Husband and I love traveling. I consider it a (very expensive) hobby. It happens to work well with writing, a trade that can be done, literally, anywhere. In 2010, husband and I were on a traveling roll. Our destinations included:

-South Korea (well, we lived there for a year, so I’m not sure it counts as a destination)
-Thailand (a wonderful week of street-food, elephant trekking and white-sand beaches)
-New Zealand (spend a month and a half in this most gorgeous country in the world. Just the memory makes me drool a little)
-Ethiopia (where husband grew up)
-Kenya (where husband went to boarding school. We also went on a safari and I got chased by a possibly rabid monkey. If you wish to learn more, click here to get to my old travel blog.)

Then we came back to America and decided to live lives as starving artists, pursuing careers in the things we loved. We still traveled, but our destinations were considerably less glamorous.

-Dallas, Texas (where inlaws live. We went for Christmas. It was cold.)
-Dallas, Texas (went again for brother-in-laws wedding. It was hot.)
-Black Mountain, North Carolina (a lovely mountain town with a killer coffee shop called the dripolator)
-Dallas, Texas (Yes. A third time. For another wedding.)

            Our latest destination was Lincoln, Nebraska. Mode of transportation, inlaws car. With inlaws driving us all the way from Dallas. Husband and I decided to document the trip with his nifty new video camera. This is what commenced:

            Pardon the newscaster voice. It does tend to pop up at times. Oh, and the typo “leave London” should have been “leave Oklahoma” but I didn’t catch it until too late. Alas.


  1. If you ever make your way up to Wisconsin in your travels, you had better let me know!!

  2. I'm sure I'll make it up someday! Might be visiting the great white north around Christmas...

  3. I'm sorry you've been stuck traveling in the midwest...truly. Your invite to KC is an open one!