Feb 16, 2012

mid-week update

The week of relaxation has come on quite well. Yesterday, aside from stuffing myself almost sick with Sweethearts candy (seriously, those things are the death of me), I:

-Set foot in a thrift store. I did see a dress or two that looked appealing, but nothing I couldn't live without. It's funny how some days the store is full of treasures uncounted and others it's full of... well... junk.

-Went to a plant nursery in search of something bright and fun to help spruce up my house. Seeing as it's February and cold, there weren't too many tropical flowers. I really, really want to pot some bougainvillea for my porch. (I fell in love with the flower after seeing it pretty much everywhere overseas.) For now I settled for a tiny orange flower to put in a fun red pot that I got for Christmas (pictured below).

-I stopped by the bakery and bought a baguette to go with this:

A deliciously delicious soup I found via Pinterest. It's Tomato-Basil-Parmesan slow cooked soup. Yum. You can find the recipe here. It's a very creamy, comforting dish. I enjoyed using the crock-pot, as if filled my apartment with all sorts of sinful smells. Sadly, since I work away from home in the day's early hours, I don't usually use the crock pot. But this time it was certainly worth it. (It's also the first Pinterest recipe I've put to use and I must say, bravo).

And the best part? There's leftovers for tonight!!! (if you knew my husband very well you would know he eats a LOT. How much, you ask? Go to this post and you will see for yourself!)

Today I:

-Ate more Sweetheart candies until my stomach protested.

-Went to two thrift stores and actually bought things this time. Including this outfit:

Gap shirt over a Vera Wang dress (which I found out later is supposed to be a nighty, but whatever.)

I also scrounged up this piece. It's a white-board/coat-hanger made by Pottery Barn (it also happens to be showcasing my lovely orange flower purchase from yesterday). I've decided to get crafty and paint the wood + turn the middle part into a chalkboard (because that's much more writerly in my opinion!!) I'll post the results later if it turns out!

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