Feb 14, 2012

valentines and goals

Yesterday I:

-Wrote two blog posts for the Lucky 13s about the world of my novel and how I name my characters. They won't start showing up until next week.

-Built a blanket fort with husband on the living room floor. We used this blanket fort for our indoor picnic (husband wanted to go to the beach, but the practically sweltering tropical heat of January has cruelly abandoned us, so it was a no go) of cheese, crackers, olives and wine. Yum.

Today I have:

-Wrote a guest post for Kelsey Sutton's blog which you can read by clicking her name.

-Acquired ridiculous amounts of chocolate and candy from my preschool kids.

-Watched three hours of Downton Abbey (and finished season one. Yay!) Why would I watch Downton Abbey you ask? BECAUSE OF ALL THE PRETTY PRETTY DRESSES!!!

Oh. And Professor McGonagall is in it. Which is awesome too!

Summation? The week off has been good for me thusfar. Tomorrow we shall embark on a few of the more adventurous tasks: ie. recipes and shopping!


  1. Two things. "Aw" to the blanket fort with your hubby. And "YES!" to the dresses in Downtown Abbey. I haven't started season two yet but I can't wait to see what happens with Mary and her dashing solider. *Swoon*

  2. Blanket forts are quite comfortable and cozy. I don't know why we don't make them more! And I JUST started season 2 yesterday. Ah!!!

  3. Dang. I find myself unwilling to buy the episodes on itunes. Where are you watching it?

    1. PBS.com has them for FREE! (because public television is awesome like that!)