Feb 17, 2012

my DIY sunshine coat rack

So my thrift store DIY (do it yourself) project is coming along nicely! I spent a bit of the day painting and watching paint dry and then recycling the process all over again (fun!). This is what happened:

As you remember I started off with the above: a dry erase board with a pretty plain glossy wood frame and some coat hooks. My vision for the piece was this, weathered wood with a bright yellow primary color and a silver accent beneath. As well as a chalkboard in the middle (which I haven't quite accomplished that, but we'll get there.

First things first, I dug out the silver spray paint and coated that puppy in it. There are now several leaves and grass in my yard that looks like the Winter Faery just breathed all over them with silver glamour. Upstairs neighbor was also concerned when she heard the spray paint bottle being shaken and poked her head out to make sure her car wasn't being defaced. Oh almost but not yet gentrified neighborhood...

So I put two good coats of silver on it and then went to our local art supply store in search of the perfect shade of yellow. I ended up using acrylic paint, which was just as well. Before I applied the first coat of sunshine joy I took a candle and waxed up the edges I wanted to show wear with (it helped the yellow paint to stick less.)

 One coat of yellow and it already looks so happy! As you can see I unscrewed the coat hooks and did this:

I was going to leave them, but I figured the silver would match the decor better.

And a second coat of paint. After that dried I got some sandpaper and a brillowpad and got to work. I had to be careful to peel off just the yellow so the silver accent shone through (though in a few spots I did hit the brown wood, but it just makes it look a tad more weathered I think). 

I ended up with this:

Tomorrow I have to go get a roller to apply the chalkboard paint the middle, but so far I'm very pleased with the progress of the piece! It will help the home look a bit cheerier for sure!

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  1. Hiya, I just found your blogpost looking for DIY coat hooks. This is great inspiration thank you for sharing :)