May 21, 2012

thoughts on summer

Today is the first day of summer. I regard it as extra-special because it's the first "free" summer I've had in several years. I've always found it a bit cruel to condition children for 22 years that they have 3 months out of the year to do whatever they want, since the other 60 years of their lives are doomed to summers spent in offices. Making money.

I don't, however, support the idea of taking kids' summers away. (As they tend to do in South Korea). I lean more on the side of the fence of giving adults their summers back. The way the Europeans do. Two weeks of vacation a year is not enough. Especially if your job is of the soul-sucking/soul-crushing nature.

I'm also of the opinion that people should throw graduation parties when they're 4 years out of school, to celebrate surviving four years in the "real world." Because there are many, many times when I think that slogging through the mundane of work and bills is harder than school. Sure, there are no tests and papers in the real world, but there's generally no ultimate frisbee in your yard or all-you-can-eat cafeteria buffet lines in your kitchen.

I think people deserve parties for surviving their first 4 years out of school!

So anyway. I plan to make the most of my "free" summer (it's technically not truly free since I'll be writing full time, but it feels like that anyway). I'm hoping to finish Cutthroat novel (It's at 47k today!) by August. We'll see! And make it to the beach at least a few times. Of course.

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