May 1, 2012

two things on a tuesday

1. A very big and wonderful and happy BOOK BIRTHDAY to my friend Wendy Higgins and her debut novel SWEET EVIL. Wendy and I both share an editor (the lovely, talented Alyson Day), and she has provided much moral support and even some beta-reads for me during my journey through the publishing process. I'm on my way to go pick up SWEET EVIL from my BN this afternoon when I finish my daily work allotment on Cutthroat Novel.

2. Some of my friends have been making lists of things that they've been thankful for over the past few days. I think this is a really amazing exercise to practice. Usually I only do it about once a year (read: Thanksgiving), but it's really helped me center in and focus on the little things that make life special even in the mundane of "everyday" life.

In the past week I've been thankful for:

-seeing a two bald eagles in the wild

-watching the sunset over the marsh

-drinking iced chai at Kudu with my husband

-having really amazing artist friends (see their art here and here and here)

-free BBQ

-Trader Joe's

-finding an entire cache of Anthropologie clothes at the thrift store for $4 a piece

-and of course, being able to write every single day!

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