May 6, 2012

why i haven't been around as much...

This is what happened Thursday night:

Me: Lalalala. Oh wait? Why is my throat scratchy? And I have a sudden chill as if I'm feverish....

Flu: Hello.

Me: Nooooooo!

Flu: I'm here to stay for a while. So don't plan anything big. Like, getting out of bed. Or eating.

Me: *whimper*

Yes, this has been my life for a few days now. I was very surprised since I've been fortunate enough not to have the flu before (with the very notable exception of the Swine Flu). And because it's May, which is apparently the absolute latest in the flu season (of course).

Yuck. I'm going back to the couch now. See you guys when this thing blows over.

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