May 31, 2013

take a moment and drool with me.

Sometimes, being an author means writing.

Other times it means surfing Pinterest for the perfect picture of a protagonist, watching Youtube documentaries or reading speeches by dead guys. Researching comes in so many random forms, that sometimes I feel like I'm not really working when I click play on the sixth episode of some awesome travel documentary. Or when I'm grilling my father-in-law about alternate history scenarios over Ethiopian food. 

My WIP (which I've fondly been referring to as Motorcycles and Tattoos), predictably, has a lot of motorcycles in it. Pretty, pretty Zundapp KS601s to be exact. 

Okay, so this one isn't technically a KS601. It's not even a Zundapp. But it was much too pretty not to take a picture of.
I just... I want it.


Yeah, so, complete and total honesty time. I've never driven a motorcycle. I HAVE ridden one (in the pouring rain with three other people on the muddy roads of Phnom Penh while flatbed trucks zoomed around in every direction). And almost been hit by one (on the same muddy road, rain pouring Phnom Penh day incidentally). But I've never jumped on and taken one for a spin. That might have to change. You know, if I'm really dedicated to this WIP. ;)

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  1. Come to IL! There is a motorcycle "class" on campus. It's a one day thing, not a full semester course. Just be careful (I know, I know, stop being such a mom)!