May 15, 2013

my newest artistic endeavors

So you know how I've been talking about how I've been dabbling in visual art a bit more?

Well the reason for this dabbling was because one of my friends challenged/asked me to paint a piece of art during church last Sunday. I go to a church that loves the arts and has several incredibly talented people in the congregation like Lulie Wallace (who's had her stuff bought and resold by ANTHROPOLOGIE (only the BEST STORE EVER)) and Teil Duncan (who is mad-crazy skilled at color blocking and oil painting). These lovely ladies will paint during services sometimes and come up with beautiful pieces.

So when they asked me I was a bit reluctant. But I thought, "Well, why not?"

So I painted. And this is what happened.

The piece after the 9am service.

The end result.

And the best part, you guys? I ended up selling it! A woman came up to me afterwards and asked if she could purchase it (which completely took me off guard! I was like, "Um.... yes?"). Talk about affirming.

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