Oct 19, 2011

snapshots of savannah

Since I very recently posted an absurd amount of pictures of Charleston, I figured I'd let its sister city Savannah have a chance to shine. I just spent a lovely two days exploring her dozens of squares and feasting on all of the delicious goodness of her restaurants. Time and money very well spent!

Elegant brick storefronts.

The elegant storefronts also housed elegant stores. I wish I could say that this was my bedroom. Brick wall + Moroccan quilts and throw pillows = Awesome.

A storefront of glowing honey.

 This is just one of the many squares that was a part of the city's original layout. There are twenty-four of them throughout the city. Each of them has a different significant meaning (which you can look up on Wikipedia if you happen to be curious).

As you can see there are plenty of churches here as well. We wanted to peek inside the Cathedral (lower right), but a Bishop was being installed while we were there and it was closed to the public.

Is it bad that this sign made me giggle? (Probably) 

The city was all dressed up for fall. This is the entrance of a super-cute B&B.

 An incredible gargantuan pumpkin. How many pies do you think you could make out of this?

Why yes. I am peeking into someone's garden.

The riverfront at twilight.

 Colors in the fountain by the City Market.

This is what happens when I'm super hungry and husband wants me to pose for a picture.

As we were driving back we passed the sign for the Old Sheldon Church. I'd always heard that it was a sight worth stopping for, so we pulled onto a side road and went on the two-mile detour to go see it. The church was built once in the 1700s and then burned down by the British. It was rebuilt in the 1800s and lasted only 40 years before it was once again burned down by the Union Troops. Its ruins have stood there ever since: housing vandalizing teenagers and hordes of hungry mosquitoes. It was worth braving the latter for a look around.


  1. Wow! Such great pictures! Looks magical! Reminds me of The Secret Garden for some reason... Thanks for posting, Ryan! :)

  2. Thanks! Wish I could take credit for them this time but it was all my husband's work. Savannah was really lovely, more so that this small smattering of pictures can really convey.