Oct 25, 2011

two things on a tuesday.

1. Here's my strange life-anecdote for the week:  Living in the city I usually don't get to see much of the inner workings of the animal kingdom. Sure, you see dogs on leashes, cats curled up on porches and silver-furred squirrels feverishly collecting acorns off the ground. Sometimes the dogs on the leashes even try to chase the squirrels. Last night my husband and I got to see a unique animal encounter all our own.
We were driving up the street when the cat darted out. It was dark, but fortunately the cat had white fur, causing us to slow so we wouldn't hit it. Instead of dashing out of our way, the cat crept along on all fours, its belly low to the ground, its attention aimed raptly in front of it.
My husband stopped the car and we stared, wondering at the cat's odd behavior. When it came into the glare of our headlights, all was clear. Just inches in front of it, plodding in the middle of the road, was a rat. It was a beast of an animal, nearly half the size of the cat creeping up behind it. It seemed very unconcerned with the fact that a predator was on its tail. The cat looked a bit bewildered. It would lean forward to sniff the rat's tail, jerk back and then reluctantly chase the rodent a few more inches before it stopped to sniff it once more.
We watched the strange exchange until they disappeared into the bushes on the other side of the road.
I can't completely blame the cat for not pouncing. The rat looked large and nasty enough to hold his own.

2. Things have been a little weird on the daily writing front. I'm tinkering with other projects that I know I'll have to set aside at a moment's notice once revision letters float back my way. Still, it's good to have stuff to work on, and I know that once I'm ready to dedicate a huge block of time to a completely new project, I'll already have a lot of stuff to work with. Also, I've realized that the writing focused posts have been lacking as of late. I'll fix that very soon (ie. this week!)

Music: The Shanghai Restoration Project
Fueled by: The goodness of H2O
Working on: An experimental "short story" (although in reality I think it may be a future novel.)

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