Oct 4, 2011

two things on a tuesday

1. Tomorrow I'm posting the first of my YALLfest interviews. I'm really excited about having the opportunity to pick the mind of so many awesome authors. This particular writer I'm interviewing tomorrow has a great book about a spaceship (hint hint). Tune in tomorrow afternoon to learn all about space and Southern recipes!

2. Last night I made a delicious Butternut Squash Risotto. It was my first attempt at risotto, and I was rather pleased. However I did encounter an unprecedented cooking emergency. The recipe calls for 1/2 a cup of white wine. I'd forgotten about the fact that my corkscrew had been broken and disposed of. The wine bottle was sealed with an incredibly firm cork. The risotto mix was sizzling on the stove, on the point of burning and I had absolutely no way of opening said bottle. Commence slight panic. Fortunately husband was home. He advised me against trying to open it with a knife (in hindsight, very wise advice indeed). He then proceeded to rummage through his toolbox and produce these:

I was skeptical. But lo and behold, moments later I heard the pop of a cork. Husband was standing over the open wine bottle with a big grin on his face. The risotto recipe commenced unscathed.
Moral of the story? I don't completely know. Perhaps it's be innovative. Or keep a husband with third-world-country honed survival instincts on hand at all times.

Music: The Browncoats Mixtape I shared Yesterday
Fueled by: Dunkin Donuts coffee and Reese's that husband brought home for trick-or-treaters (I don't think the Family size bag is going to last another 3 weeks...)
Working on: A guest post for Literary Rambles

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