Jun 13, 2012

back to it

Apparently four days is all I can last sans writing (without a larger purpose, such as a tropical vacation, to distract me). In this time I:

-cleaned the house

-made these delicious coconut-lime sugar cookies:

-gave Goodwill about 1/4th of my closet! It's amazing how many clothes I collect that I no longer wear. About two trashbags full.

-went house-shopping (the very word sends me into cold, non-committal sweats!)

-celebrated my Grandma's 80th birthday. She got an iPad and is incredibly excited about it. In fact, she's probably reading this post on said iPad. Hi, Grandma! Let's hope that when I'm 80 I'll be as spry and technically saavy as her!

-I've also started watching Band of Brothers for the first time. I have a feeling that I will be crying before the end.

Despite all of these wonderful distractions, I can't get this certain storyline out of my head. So I'm in the very early brainstorming/tinkering processes of a story I'm really, really stoked about. I probably won't get too far with it, since I have about a bajillion (or, really, four) other projects that take priority at the moment. But I will finish it. Even if that day happens to be three, four or five years from now!

I have yet to give this project a nickname. I'll have to come up with one. Right now the file name is Tattoos and Motorcycles (which is a bit long, but it will have to do for now).

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