Jun 1, 2012

june 2nd reading

If you happen to be in or around Charleston SC tomorrow (June 2nd), you can come to my Piccolo Spoleto reading. I was asked by the people who run the festival's Fiction Open to contribute a 1000 word short story that begins with the line, "I ducked into the alleyway..."

Naturally, I wrote a piece that's YA. And fantastical.

So come on down to Blue Bicycle Books tomorrow at 5pm to meet me and some other authorly people and hear our different takes on the prompt line. I'll even be wearing a dress!


  1. I hope it went well! If I was in SC, I would've been there.

    1. Thanks, Elana! I actually video-taped the reading (well, husband did!) so I'll be posting it on the blog in the next few days.