Jun 26, 2012

my husband: the cat whisperer

For some reason I have a soft spot for blue-eyed creatures. Huskies. Siamese. My husband! There's a very beautiful but skinny Siamese stray who's been hanging around our apartment. The first few times I sighted it it ran like hellhounds were on its tail. Even when I had pieces of turkey. The husband is a good deal better at wrangling wild creatures and earning their trust. Over the past few days we've been luring it with milk and shrimp. It's even to the point where it will--very tentatively--eat out of our hands. 

Time is not on our side, however, we have only a month left in this apartment before we must move. I'm really hoping Siamese kitty warms up to us before then. We'll see. It already came back today expecting more food.

Have any of you guys had experience coaxing strays? If so please share. 

Here kitty, kitty.

My Volvo makes a great cat-cave.


  1. The Lucky Few is a non-profit with lots of great information about taming feral cats. (When I worked as a zookeeper, I stole their information often to help me train my red foxes.)

    Here's a link to some tips they came up with, and these can hopefully be completed in a month: http://www.theluckyfew.org/site/feral_cats.html

    Let me know how it goes!

    1. Thanks so much for the link! The cat has been "winking" at us and let's the husband touch her now! Which isn't bad for just two days.