Jun 28, 2012

odds and ends: compliments of my revision brain

This will be a mostly odds and ends blog post, since I have a case of "revision brain." Which means it probably resembles something like a half-eaten, undercooked omelet. Torn to shreds, with no room left for anything else.

Fortunately, this round of revisions for LUMINANCE HOUR seems to be the last. And light. Which is good, because life decided now would be a good time for ALL THE THINGS TO HAPPEN. Like moving. And having other projects due. And photographing tons of summer weddings.

Husband and I are still trying to woo the Siamese beauty. Which really means we sit on our porch clutching pieces of leftover shrimp and getting eaten alive by mosquitoes while trying not to move for fear of terrifying the kitty. We've had surprising progress actually. She's moved her way up to the porch now and is comfortable eating out of husband's hand.

Baby steps. Just like coaxing a manuscript out of hiding and taming it into a novel. It's a long, slow process.

Music-wise, I've been really fascinated with Jenny Dalton, a very gifted songwriter/pianist. Here's some of my favorite songs by her:

Looted Fires

Colorado Song

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