Sep 12, 2011

monday musings: minor key

I'm the type of person who, when I love a song, I listen to it over and over and over again until I literally get sick of it. This has inspired the hubby to buy me headphones so I cannot torture him with my current musical obsessions.
I love all types of music (except for certain genres of country and R&B, but that's a different story entirely). I'm a sucker for good instrumental pieces as well. Anything with strings or piano in a minor key is an instant hit for me. Perhaps this stems from my love of movie soundtracks.
Anyway, here are two songs that have been on my "Replay" list lately. Enjoy!
Also, if you have any favorite instrumental songs, please tell me in the comments. I'm always looking for good music!


  1. I have the same habit of looping one track I'm fond of - Rise Against's "Savior" is the current victim of my looping addiction.

    I'm a huge fan of the instrumental track "In a House, In A Heartbeat" from 28 Days Later. It's the perfect track for that climatic scene where the characters are up against impossible odds:

    Doctor Who's "Doomsday" theme has a lot of similarities in structure in "In A House" but I like it as well:

    "Clubbed to Death" is always a fun song for a fight scene:

    If I'm in the mood for a certain band but don't want the intrusion of vocals, which tend to distract me when I'm writing, I'll quite often look up the Vitamin String Quartet covers of their work as well:

  2. Ooh! Thanks for the new songs! I do love Vitamin String Quartet. I have a Pandora station dedicated to them. That's actually how I stumbled across Break of Reality!