Sep 13, 2011

set adrift

Every once in a while, I find myself in between writing projects. It's a strange, almost unnerving place to be in. I don't have the freedom to get too involved in other projects, since I will be waiting on feedback for two different projects (for more revisions! yaaaaay!). But it could be weeks, nay, months before I receive these coveted emails in my inbox.
I can't be unproductive for that time. If there's one thing I'm not, it's unproductive. Being unproductive makes me nervous and antsy.
I've been in similar situations before, where I have set myself to working on short stories. And I find, every time, that I am not good at short stories. I am long-winded. I cannot fully explore a character or situation in a mere twenty pages. It takes me almost fifty pages to discover who a character is when I'm delving into the new world of a novel. Nor can I wrap up a conflict in such a short page-span, which always leaves me feeling guilty and terrible for plopping the characters into such sucky, hopeless situations. Without resolution that is. I'm perfectly okay with placing them into hopeless situations if I can see them through it.
So I think, perhaps, that I will write a "short story" version of a future novel idea I have rattling around in my brain. It will help me explore this world without committing a whole entire 4 months to finishing the rough draft (which is my average). Oh, and world-building for a future series I'm envisioning. That's always fun as well.

On a brighter note, I do believe that I will be allowed to have my big reveal soon. Just the thought makes me smile. So stay tuned throughout this next week. It's good news. I promise.

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