Sep 27, 2011

two things on a tuesday

1.  The past few weeks one of my extracurricular activities has been gearing up for YALLfest. I've had the privilege of being able to glimpse the inner workings of the festival and even participate in some of them myself. Let me tell you guys, if you live anywhere remotely close/driveable and you love YA books, this is an event you cannot afford to miss! All of the revealed news is on their official tumblr, but I'll be able to put up some exciting related posts soon!

2. Apparently I'm very good at finding things. My husband had a hole in his pocket last night and somewhere in the 6 block walk from our friend's apartment to the restaurant we ate at, his keys decided to make their great escape. Including the electronically programmed key to his car that costs $150 (+towing expenses) to replace. Ack! We had a minor freakout mode. He found an industrial sized flashlight (I swear if you stuck it on the side of your house it could serve as a floodlight) and retraced our path twice before giving up the keys for lost. We mourned the hit to our bank account (remember, we're starving artists here...) and hoped faintly that they might miraculously pop up. I was biking back from my preschool job this morning when I decided to give the route a good retracing in the daylight. I walked all the way to the restaurant with little success and rather strained eyes. I walked the opposite side of the street on the way back, and what did I find tucked in the grass only a block from the restaurant? Shiny, precious keys!! I snatched them up and held them incredibly tight on my way back home. I've hardly been so happy to see keys in my whole life.
Moral of the story? Don't use pockets with holes in them. And don't give up.

Music: Global Illumination by Liquid Soul (it was free on Amazon... quite catchy actually)
Fueled by: Reheated coffee from this morning and a piece of pumpkin bread I baked this weekend.
Working on: Interview questions for some super-duper awesome authors!

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