Sep 8, 2011

the most wonderful time of the year (one of them at least)

The lovely season of autumn is finally showing its face in the Lowcountry. I know this because of two things.

1. When I stepped outside my door yesterday morning I got chilly. There were goosebumps on my skin and the thermometer (on my computer, I don't own a real one) said it was in the 70s. The 70s!!! I immediately ran back inside and grabbed a scarf. Not because I actually needed it, but because it's such a novel concept here in the south.

2. I was doing one of the more mundane things in life (ie grocery shopping), when my eyes lit upon these:

What's this I see? A mallowpumpkin patch!

The best kind of garden. :)

Gold in a candy bag. Seriously. These are my kryptonite. These and those little Necco candy hearts they sell at Valentine's day. Two years ago, when I was living overseas, I specially requested that my friends in the states send me bags of Mallowcreme pumpkins. I was so desperate for these candies, that when my American co-teacher spilled the bag all over the floor, I gathered them up and stuffed them back in. Perhaps not my proudest moment ever.
My South Korean co-teachers ooed and awed about how cute these candies were. Sadly, they were too sweet for my foreign friends. And many of my generously donated Mallowpumpkins were spit back into the trash can.
But now, I can drive to the nearest grocery store and buy bags of them. *laughs evilly*

Needless to say, I am incredibly excited about fall this year. One of the reasons is that I happened to skip the season last year. How do you skip a season? By hanging out in the Southern hemisphere and around the equator for the months of September-November. Thus I am so excited to wear sweaters, carve pumpkins, watch the marsh turn to tawny gold and bake all sorts of cinnamon spiced goods. Perhaps tomorrow I'll even treat myself to a pumpkin latte!

What are you guys doing for fall? I need some festive ideas. You know, just to be festive.

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