Dec 6, 2011

two things on a tuesday

1. On her blog yesterday, Mindy McGinnis wrote a lovely post about self-editing and why it isn't always the best idea. As a part of her post she introduced the concept of putting your manuscript into Wordle and figuring out what your crutch words are based on which ones appear. I decided to put in the first three chapters of Luminance Hour and test what came up. Here it is:

Wordle: 3 Chapters of Luminance Hour

Seems that back, face, eyes and away are my biggest crutch words for the first three chapters. (I've always known the eyes thing. I tend to focus on facial expressions when I describe character's emotions.) Curious about your crutch words? You should give Wordle a try.

2. Tis the season to eat lots of sweet treats and spend money! What are your favorite traditions for the holiday season? As I've grown older I find that my taste in Christmas music has changed a bit drastically. As a young child I used to adore Manheim Steamroller (we would always put the CDs in when we decorated the tree). Now that I'm in my 20s I find that I really appreciate all of the traditional Christmas hymns I used to get so tired of when I was singing in the church choir. I don't sing in the choir anymore (something I actually miss from time to time), but I still love high church choral songs. My favorites of the season are probably O Come, O Come, Emmanuel  and God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen. Loreena McKennit does an amazing cover of the latter:

 More Christmas songs and yummies to come later! For now I must write!


  1. Thanks for the shout out! I actually had someone tell me they put their WHOLE ms in to Wordle, so you can do that too!! :)

  2. Yes. I did initially post the entire MS into Wordle... but there might be potential for spoilers. Or something along those lines. Great tool though! :)