Dec 13, 2011

two things on a tuesday

1. I think my WIP rough draft is trying to kill me. Why do I think this? Because it has already made me throw out the first 6000 words, and now it is demanding that I rewrite about twenty pages to accommodate the bad guy's cruel whim. And reinforce the MC's character traits. Now, I've done this and much much more with previous novels, but I usually save all of the editing for AFTER the rough draft stage. I'm only 100 pages into this piece (we shall call it CutthroatNovel, no?) and I've already rewritten the beginning twice.

Here's hoping all of the hard work will pay off in the end and it will be something readable. Even memorable!

2. Husband is still hard at work training for his binge on Friday (re: pizza eating contest). Remember the picture of the salad that I showed you guys last week? Well he's been eating one of those every day. The upside? I haven't had to cook dinner all week. The downside is that he's been a ferocious ball of vegetable-fueled energy. Unlike most people, when husband eats lots and lots of food he gets hyper instead of sleepy. And when he's hyper he likes to distract me from my writing.

I'll be looking forward to Friday. And don't worry. I'll be taping it for the blog. You'll all get to see.

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