Dec 20, 2011

two things on a tuesday

1. My editorial letter came! Like a ninja in the night (see Friday vlog a while back for the reference). This means that you will be seeing much less of me over the next few weeks, as my energies shall be sucked back into this monstrous manuscript of my own making. *runs off to stock up on tea, cookies and microwaveable dinners*

Here it is folks, 3 solid pages of creative boot camp.

2. Oh weird, I was just looking down at the pile of papers I keep for each of my separate projects and I just realized that my first set of critique notes for this MS were sent to me in October of 2010. Just over a year ago. How much can happen in the space of a year.

To all of my wonderful blog readers: have very happy holidays, a merry Christmas and an amazing new year! I'll see you on the other side!

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