Apr 6, 2012

the 2k a day challenge.

Lately, I've been doing so much juggling that I feel like a clown. It is my own fault. Because I seem to have a big problem making myself not write. And it is the nature of the publishing beast that there are long gaps of waiting/nothingness between editorial letters/other publishing tasks.

I currently have 3 WIPs in various stages of the writing process. It's kind of like a Netflix queue--listed with priority and importance.

1. LUMINANCE HOUR (obviously)
2. Southern Gothic Novel
3. Cutthroat Novel

Anyway. I've found myself with about a 2-3 week window to work on Cutthroat novel (since the other two are currently in the hands of professionals.) Cutthroat novel is in the first/rough drafting stages of the process. This is my very favorite of all the stages, and I'm really enjoying the chance to go back to drafting after 4 months of revision work.

But soon I will have to drop it and go back to revision land, so my goal is to get as much of this rough draft knocked out as possible. I have what I would like to diagnose as a "writing wall." This happens at about the 1500 word mark (ie. 6 double spaced pages). Once I hit this I lose my fuel or whatever it is that makes the writing magic happen. I lose hope. I go clean the house / read / eat / do other things.

I am determined to defeat this writing wall. And so it is my goal, for the next few weeks, to write 2000 words a day. It will be a stretch, and I might hate myself for it, but I will try to make this happen. If I do not, feel free to harass me. (Though keep in mind I take weekends off!)

And hey, if you guys feel like you can do this too, feel free to post your word sprints in the comments below!

Day 1: 2010 words

Day 2: 2033 words (draft total at 39,000 words)

UPDATE: After reading through these scenes I've decided to tuck away (see scrap) the last 1000 words of Day 2. This is because it was heading on a false trail. Alas. I will still count the words as written though. Because I wrote them.


  1. I am currently LOVING your Cutthroat novel pins, Ryan. No wonder you're having fun with it! Keep at it and I hope you beat the writing wall soon! I'm in Revisionland which is a lot less delicious than Candyland right now, but with the end in sight! But I'm definitely feeling a sprint today. After dyeing Easter eggs. :D

    1. Thanks, Kathryn! I'm definitely enjoying this novel. It's certainly unique, and already giving me a run for my money! Revisionland is so much bigger than Firstdraftland. Always. And this fact makes me sad...

  2. I love this! Studies show that by setting a specific goal you are 76% more likely to reach that point. Also, studies show 34% of people make up statistics to sound clever.

    You should absolutely count all the words you write, even if they get dumped later. The main objective is to move the story forward.

    This is inspiring, Ryan. I'm going to roll up my sleeves and tackle my latest WIP. Thanks, for this.


    1. Love the stats, Bethany! Even if they are made up.
      Good luck with your own WIP!