Apr 19, 2012

time for another awesome music post.

So for Easter my wonderful mother slipped iTunes giftcards into our baskets, which is a completely awesome and practical gift for my music-addicted self. I'm not really able to write without music playing, and the song will often set the mood of the writing, so I need very specific and ever-changing styles of songs for my different WIPs.

Here's a few of the tunes I've dug up during the past few days:

I (like so many writers) adore Snow Patrol in ways I cannot verbalize. This song "Fallen Empires" from their latest album embodies everything I love about them. Epic lyrics. Epic composition.

This song I discovered via The Hunger Games movie. It's called "Abraham's Daughter" and it's by Arcade Fire. This is one of those rare songs that fits more than a single WIP for me. It fits very well with SouthernGothic novel and Cutthroat novel. It would probably do well with Luminance Hour too if I let it.

The cover of "Sweet Dreams" by Emily Browning for the Suckerpunch soundtrack is amazingly haunting and perfect for Cutthroat novel.

And the best part? I get to listen to them on my shiny, new headphones!

So anyway, I still have money left on said iTunes card. What are some awesome, epic songs you've been listening to lately?

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  1. Love music when used in a film. But what I love most is the inspirational one. Nice one Ryan. By the way, if you kindly visit tim jones, Spokane, you'll see what I mean.