Apr 16, 2012

my lucky 7

This has been a fun little game that's been floating around the blogosphere. And A. G. Howard, the author of Splintered has issued an open call, so I've decided to give you guys a peek at Luminance Hour. It's still in revisions, mind you, so these lines may or may not make the final cut!

1. Go to the seventh or 77th page of the WIP or latest book
2. Count down seven lines.
3. Copy the 7 sentences that follow and post them.
4. Tag 7 other authors.

So, I've hunted down (a little more than) 7 sentences from the 7th line on the 7th page of Luminance Hour. I'm also going to take Anita's route and say that whoever wants to participate jump in and leave a link in the comments below! I'd love to get a peek at everyone's stuff. Here's goes:

Like the rest of London, the prince’s bedroom is a living collage to the passage of time. Richard’s bedside table— a decadent piece crafted in the 19th century out of wolf-gray marble and mahogany—is covered with the unnatural blinking lights of electronics. A digital clock. A mobile phone that shivers and glows at odd moments. His chrome laptop is tucked in the back of the same antique desk Queen Victoria once wrote her letters on. Chubby, meticulously painted cherubs born in George I’s era gaze down from their ceiling frescos at stereo speakers. They smile on, as they always have.
It’s almost seamless, the way the past is entombed with the present here.
“Why are you sleeping?” I slip into the room and approach the bed. The light filtering through the gauzed curtains is quickly dropping into the bruised plum color of night. No normal mortal is asleep at this hour.


  1. EEK! What happens next??? WHAT??? I love this excerpt! And your descriptions are fab, which means I'm really going to eat this book up. I'm a sucker for rich, vivid descriptions. Thanks for playing, Ryan!

    1. Mwahaha! Glad you enjoyed it! I can't wait for Splintered either.

  2. Great excerpt! I love how you set the scene. I was able to visualize it effortlessly. Looking forward to Luminance Hour even more now. I can't wait to read more. I want to know who, why, what RIGHT NOW. Thank you for the sneak peek :-)

    1. You're very welcome! Thanks for the compliments! It makes me even more excited to share when the time comes!

  3. Okay, I was hoping for a glimpse at the cover, but this was better.

    Oh, she's living the dream, visiting a boy's bedroom in the dead of night.

    Everytime I see a pic of Kate Middleton I think of your book. How weird is that?

    1. The pic of Kate Middleton isn't weird! It's great! :)

      I'm hoping for a glimpse of the cover too! It's going to be a while I think.